Playzee casino

Playzee casino has thrown itself into the arena and it is a risk that has been rewarded since many players admit that it provides plenty of benefits that are not offered by other casinos and this is the point that has made the difference and that many users appreciate, so do not miss the opportunity to discover what this casino offers because you are not going to be able to get bored with Playzee casino.

The welcome bonus that Playzee casino offers:

Playzee casino bonus

Playzee casino has done its best in order to offer a welcome bonus at ‘a hauteur and that will catch the player’s attention and this is what happened because many users like to take advantage of this famous bonus, and the casino then offers there possibility to take advantage of it by earning more than what you will spend, that’s what we will see.

To begin with, Playzee casino offers a bonus worth $1500 which means that the casino welcomes you by opening its doors with this amount as a thank you.

In order to qualify for this bonus you must first make three deposits. You can enjoy $300 with 100 free spins with which to start the adventure, after that if you decide to make a second deposit you can win $500 as well as 25 free spins, then from a third and final deposit you can enjoy $700 accompanied by 25 free spins.

The only constraint that Playzee casino imposes is that in order to enjoy this welcome bonus you will need to deposit starting from $20 and not less also the casino requires a wagering requirement that you have to meet and you have to read and repsect the conditions that are applied by the casino and be aware that they can change at any time.

The payment methods offered by Playzee casino:

When it comes to payment methods and well the casino as promised keeps its promises by offering some diversity when it comes to payment methods or else, for that matter you will have the possibility to make your payments either:

  • By making a bank transfer
  • Using a credit card
  • Going to an electronic wallet
  • Opting for prepaid cards

When it comes to payment methods you will have a choice, as the casino offers all ways as well as prioritizes the security of them, so you won’t have to worry aboutthe security of these methodseverything is in order.

Moreover, as far as the time frame that is imposed is concerned, well you can expect a wait that varies between 3 days or it can be as long as 5 days, nevertheless you can benefit from an immediate withdrawal with an e-wallet so it is up to you which method to adopt. The casino has cleared things up by warning that the player is allowed to withdraw up to $2500 per week which means that you cannot withdraw more, also you cannot go above the sum of 10,000 per month so it is up to you to know how to balance.

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